About Us


Safe Wildlife Crossings for Jackson Hole encourages innovative solutions for wildlife crossings that provide safe highways, prevent habitat fragmentation and promote connectivity for Jackson Hole’s world-class wildlife.

What We Do

We advocate for and encourage the design and implementation of safe and effective wildlife crossings based on sound science, research and road-kill data. “Stewardship of Wildlife and Natural Resources in Jackson Hole,” is a top value and high priority according to ongoing community surveys. We seek to actively support this expressed priority.

We support the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s commitment to include wildlife crossings in highway construction as demonstrated in their efforts at Nuggett Canyon and Trappers Point.

Provide information regarding the development of Safe Wildlife Crossings around the world on our Website and Facebook pages.

Serve as a catalyst for community-wide cooperation and involvement through educational programs and community events to inform and inspire support for human and wildlife safety on Jackson Hole highways.

We raise funds through donations and grants facilitated through our non-profit partner, The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance, to provide needed wildlife studies, an informative website, educational outreach, public events and forums, printed material and advertising that promote safe and effective wildlife crossings.

Steering Committee Members

  • Sandy Shuptrine and Vance Caruth, Co-conveners
  • Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
  • Leigh Work, Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation
  • Gail Jensen, Communications and Fund Raising Committees
  • Sean O’Malley, Teton County Engineer
  • Chris Colligan, Technical Committee, Wildlife Advocate, Greater Yellowstone Coalition
  • Rich Bloom, Alternate Member, Naturalist and long time Jackson resident

Cooperating Businesses

Cooperating Organizations

Citizen Advocates

  • Vance and Ann Carruth
  • Armond Acri
  • Judy Schmidlapp
  • Emily and Jim Ambler
  • Pat and Dan Baker
  • Bobby Hughes
  • Carol Wauters
  • Gail Jensen and Dave Coon
  • Mary Lohuis
  • Shane Moore
  • Dick and Jean Ferguson
  • Jim and Saffa Darwiche
  • Marcia Harris
  • Allison Fleury
  • Amy St Pierre
  • Annette Kaye
  • Jennifer Hoffman
  • Jennifer Livengood
  • Rick and Candy Howe
  • Sonja Boehne
  • Steve Sharkey
  • Tim Mayo
  • Tom and Jennifer Kohlhardt
  • JuliAnne Forrest
  • Crista Valentino
  • Jon Mobeck
  • Bert Raynes
  • Richard Jansen
  • Ernie LaBelle
  • Frances Pollak
  • Cindy Harger
  • Lisa Robertson
  • Ann Smith
  • Nancy Shea
  • Nancy Taylor
  • Edith and Bob Grinnell
  • Amy and Steve Unfried
  • Marlene Marly and Dan Merrill
  • Carol and Chuck Schneebeck
  • Barbara and John Simms
  • Chuck and Barbara Herz
  • Nancy and Dick Collister
  • Sandy Shuptrine
  • Louise Lasley
  • Colleen Thompson
  • Amy and Forrest McCarthy
  • Rich Bloom
  • Susan Marsh and Donald Plumley
  • Kniffy and Larry Hamilton
  • Susan Lancelotta and Dr. Nick Koutrelakos

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